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James Reason is Professor Emeritus at the University of Manchester. He is a graduate of the University of Manchester and held the position of Professor of Psychology from 1977-2001.He has written books on absent-mindedness, human error, aviation human factors and managing the risks of organizational accidents. His book, Human Error, is one of the best books ever written on the subject. He is Fellow of the British Psychological Society, the Royal Aeronautical Society and the British Academy. In 2003, he was appointed Commander of the British Empire for services toward reducing risk in health care.


This is the monthly flagship publication of The Institute.  Delivered directly to your email inbox, it is chockfull of the latest strategies and insights in human error reduction. 



Tools YOU CAN USE NOW to stop errors immediately!

Put It All Together

The Error Elimination System™ unravels the mystery of human error.  It is the most unique, cutting-edge System of its kind.  There is nothing else like it.

How likely am I to make mistakes?

Get started with our quick PulseCheck. In less than 5 minutes you can determine how likely it is for you and your team to make mistakes.

Tim's Free Teleclasses

Tim Autrey conducts these live to introduce you to the precepts of Practicing Perfection™. In this 50-minute Primer, you'll grab insights into how to eliminate errors, cut costs, and jump-start your organization's upward spiral.


Here's a kick-in-the-rear piece of insight for you and your team:

Things are the way they are because they got that way.

You should now be asking, "Okay, so how do I figure out how things 'got that way'?"

Until now, such ability to break the chain of human error would have cost you tons of time and money, as well as (most likely), the services of expensive 'experts' who have done their best to keep these methods tight to their chests.

Our Performance Enhancement Matrix (PEM) has changed all of that. The PEM is an event and condition tracking database that allows you to quickly and easily input information. Moreover, the PEM allows you to easily identify trends and uncover hidden weaknesses that are causing mistakes. Click the link below and check it out.

Click here to learn more...


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